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Google plan to track card data outrages privacy activists

Kelly Dilworth

Google has started tracking what you buy with your credit and debit cards so that it can convince retailers that its targeted ads are persuading you to spend more. While this helps marketers, privacy activists – and everyday consumers like…
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Fears of card transactions being monitored are overblown

Fred Williams

Concern about the feds spying on us is rampant these days — but one of the fears is overblown. Recent reports that the U.S. consumer watchdog agency is monitoring consumers’ credit card transactions don’t hold up.
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Tracking your card purchases: Big data becoming big business

Kelly Dilworth

If sharing information about what you buy with strangers makes you squeamish, then you may want to think twice about swiping your credit card.

Everyone from the IRS to your neighborhood burger joint wants to know what you charge to your card. And, increasingly, new tools and services — courtesy of credit card issuers and other businesses — are allowing them to sneak a peek.

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