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Will identity theft monitoring be the next big card perk?

Kelly Dilworth

Discover’s new free tool scours the dark web for a cardholder’s Social Security number and sends alerts by text or email if it turns up anything. So far, the tool hasn’t turned up my SSN on any risky websites. I’m…
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Experian joins free credit score fray

Fred Williams

The big credit bureau Experian is making VantageScore credit scores available for free via banks and credit card issuers.
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Even U.S. senators struggle with errors on their credit reports

Kelly Dilworth

When it comes to credit report errors that are hard to get fixed, not even U.S. senators are immune.

At a senate hearing held Tuesday to discuss the country’s controversial credit reporting system, three Democratic senators sitting on the panel, Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida, confessed that they, too, had found errors on their credit reports.

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