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What are the odds? Company creates 1st lottery gift card

Jay MacDonald

The next time you visit your favorite retailer, pause at the checkout to savor the flavors of the gift cards on display. If the card mix at your local Target or Walgreens looks anything like mine, you’re just a preload…
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Foiled AmEx gift card scam lands man behind bars

Jay MacDonald

Remember that classic opening scene from “The Grifters” where John Cusack tries to con a busy bartender out of $10 by presenting a $20 bill for change and then substituting a $10 in its place?

There’s a grifter here in the Tampa Bay area where I live who figured out a way to pull a similar stunt with a $25 American Express gift card. St. Petersburg Police say he scammed Bay Area bars and restaurants out of more than $20,000 over seven months before they nabbed him.

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Emily’s list: The gift card dilemma edition

Emily Crone

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week, which means it’s nearly Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Then we really won’t be able to avoid the holiday commercials and music everywhere we go. Companies with existing gift cards are already pushing them hard.

Gift cards are extremely convenient, especially since so many can be sent by email. But the thing that kills me is that the recipient knows the exact value you spent on the gift.
Plus, gift cards are also inherently risky since it’s not guaranteed the stores will be there forever. Then again, it’s very hard to beat the luxury of getting to buy whatever you want in a certain store or restaurant.

Read on for my list of my 10 favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week, many of which offer great tips for holiday shopping!

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Carnival of Personal Finance fills up on discount gas card blog

Connie Prater

Last week’s blog about a local discount gas purchase program that doesn’t offer reloadable gift cards was selected for the Carnival of Personal Finance’s 326th blog carnival.

Canadian Dream, the blog host, recognized the Taking Charge blog for its savings message. Although a Texas grocery store chain is sponsoring a promotion to sell gas for 11 cents less than the market price, the store doesn’t provide reloadable gift cards to use for the purchase. Instead, customers must obtain new cards — and throw the old ones away — each time they exhaust the funds loaded on to a card. We wonder why the cards aren’t reloadable to save the environment.

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Thanks for the 11-cent break, but can you make those gift cards reloadable?

Connie Prater

When I filled my car up with gas recently, I saved 11 cents per gallon off the current market price by using a retail store gift card.

That’s a good deal.

Several retailers around the country are offering similar deals to drive traffic to their stores. It’s apparently working as family budgets are being stretched more and more with the bad economy.

I applaud them. But can they make them reloadable for it’s easier on the environment?

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