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Simplify holiday shopping with 1 gift for 7 people

Erica Sandberg

Checkout lines are snaking around inside stores, and free shipping is evaporating. As holiday shopping panic sets in, you may end up overspending to the point of racking up unintended debt — and still not get the right things. There…
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Spend some of your points and treat yourself

Erica Sandberg

Why is it so easy for us to rack up rewards points with our credit card purchases, but so hard to redeem those rewards points? It starts with the initial sign-up bonus. As a new cardholder, you may get 30,000 to…
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Confessions of a first-time credit card rewards redeemer

Julie Sherrier

Due to the nature of my job as editor of hundreds of articles on how to maximize credit card rewards programs, you’d think I’d become adept at playing the frequent flier miles/points credit card game. Not.
In fact, after almost a decade of accumulating miles/points here and there on one frequent flier program (American Airlines AAdvantage) and on a newly acquired Capital One Venture card, I have never redeemed them for a “free” flight. I always saved them, thinking that someday I would really, really need to use them for emergency airfare.
That emergency happened last week.
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Emily’s list: Fly for free edition

Emily Crone

While summer doesn’t begin until late June, it already feels like it in most parts of the United States (especially here in Texas). I don’t know about you, but I’m already dreaming of my summer vacation. It’s not planned yet, but I’m not too stressed out about it. I’ve been saving for a trip little by little every week, and I have enough Continental frequent flier miles to get me a round-trip ticket to pretty much anywhere the airline flies.

Before you get too lost in thought about your next vacation, read on for my roundup of my favorite posts from the past week from the personal finance blogosphere.

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