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Summer jobs program teaches ABCs of debit

John Egan

High school students traditionally take classes in English, math, science and social studies, but in Baltimore, youths in the city’s summer jobs program are learning how to handle plastic. The plastic is in the form of a debit card, which…
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4 reasons millennials deserve more credit for how they handle money

Kelly Dilworth

Back off, naysaying baby boomers. Millennials are better money managers than they get credit for – even if they do drop more cash than most on bar tabs and overpriced toast. Today’s 20- and early 30-somethings are more likely than…
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7 smart money and credit tips from millennials

Erica Sandberg

Millennials somehow got a reputation as being less financially savvy than older generations. That’s just not true, and the seven millennials who shared their smart spending and charging tips with me are proof. They’re using credit wisely, establishing credit goals,…
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Millennial dining trends eschew traditional ‘VIP’ card experiences

Brady Porche

Is dining out becoming less about the experience than about convenience? The American Express-Chase duel over elite cards and millennials holds some clues. In late May, American Express released the results of its annual restaurant industry survey, which asked consumers…
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Pros, cons of paying rent with your credit cards

Toni Husbands

Charging your rent can be a savvy way to rack up rewards, but is it worth the added cost of paying by plastic? For some millennials I spoke with, a generation that has grown up in a world in which…
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