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Usernames and passwords, don’t slow me down!

Kimberley Carmona

Like most people my age, I use my mobile phone for everything. I use my phone to connect with people, check the weather and order groceries. I also track how much I have in my bank account using my mobile bank app. I…
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Young adults more likely to switch banks

Sienna Kossman

Friendly bank tellers that smile and give you a piece of candy (if you’re lucky) can help with all your banking needs, but for many — especially young adults — they’d rather forgo these brick-and-mortar niceties in exchange for more mobile banking options, according to a new survey.
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Mobile banking revives sweetheart scam

Sienna Kossman

Exploiting a romantic relationship for financial gain is one of the oldest fraud schemes in the books and thanks to mobile banking technologies, a criminal can now simultaneously break a victim’s heart and bank account from anywhere in the world.
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Teaching teens to manage money — with help from technology

Connie Prater

Find out how I use mobile alerts and text messaging to help my teenager learn about keeping track of the money in her debit card account. Read my contribution to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling’s financial education blog.
Parents can monitor their teens’ spending and teach them to keep track of their finances in a way that appeals to this millennial generation of mobile texters.
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