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Caller urges you to pay power bill in an hour? It’s a scam!

Jay MacDonald

Recent news from Southeastern utility giant Duke Energy regarding some kinky new twists on the overdue-bill phone scam has me thinking low-tech may be the new high-tech when it comes to card fraud. The scam itself is a classic: You…
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Emily’s list: Fair taxes edition

Emily Crone

I’m going to guess that I’m not alone when I feel that taxes are unfair. Then I stop and think about it. My taxes provide me with my local libraries. They pay for the police forces and firefighters who keep our society orderly and safe. They keep the postal system running, as inefficient as it may be sometimes. They pay for our teachers and schools, and our city animal shelter. As much as I want to complain about paying my taxes (and accountant), it’s really not that bad. We pay far less taxes in the United States than in Europe. Heck, we can even file our taxes online and pay it with our credit cards!

I was interested to read on MSNBC that over half of Americans–54 percent–think their taxes are either fair or very fair in an Associated Press-GfK poll. However, in a question asking whether taxes should be increased to lower the federal deficits, only 29 percent said yes. Just over 60 percent of Americans prefer that government services be cut instead of taxes raised.

For more personal finance insight, please read on for my roundup of my favorite blog posts from the past week!

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Emily’s list: Newspaper carrier edition

Emily Crone

Celebrate newspaper carriers and read some of the week’s best blog posts about credit and debt.
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