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Battle of the cards: Amazon Prime or Target Redcard?

Kelly Dilworth

If you want to save big on your everyday purchases, a store card with an ongoing 5 percent cash back bonus – such as the new Amazon Prime credit card or the Target Redcard – could net you a substantial…
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Fantastic credit advice you’re not following (but should)

Erica Sandberg

As a longtime credit expert, counselor and writer, I sometimes feel as if  I’m just wasting my breath. Do this, do that; don’t do this, don’t do that. And then what happens? Radio silence. Look, I get it. Some credit…
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5 favorite apps to save money while traveling

Julie Loffredi

As a former TV news reporter turned travel guru, I’m always jetting off somewhere. Remember those old American Express commercials with Karl Malden? The thing I can’t leave home without is my smartphone. The travel apps on my phone have…
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UK cards: Long balance transfers, skimpy signup bonuses

Jenny Hoff

Pretty much everything is more expensive in the United Kingdom than in the U.S., including credit cards, but that’s not stopping British shoppers from turning to plastic for purchases. After having written several stories on the lavish reward opportunities that…
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