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Not all alumni cards are created equally

Kelly Dilworth

If you’re proud of your alma mater and like showing off where you went to school, a university-affiliated credit card could be a tempting option. Proceeds from the affiliation often go directly to university alumni associations. So toting a university-branded…
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Should college students have easier access to credit?

Kelly Dilworth

Guess who’s less likely to seriously default on a credit card: A 44-year-old who has been handling credit since before Ronald Reagan left office? Or a 19-year-old college student who wasn’t even born until well into the Clinton administration?

Surprisingly, it’s the college-age student, says a new study, calling into question the wisdom of the Credit CARD Act of 2009’s restrictions on granting cards to the younger crowd.

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Two credit card changes in one week — BofA has been busy!

Emily Crone

My student credit card has been switched to a regular card without me doing a thing, but my APR is still the same. A new debit card came in the mail because my old one may have been exposed to a data breach. What is going on?
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