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Got a credit card complaint? Let us know if you log it with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Connie Prater

It’s Day 1 for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — the new federal agency charged with watching out for consumers when it comes to credit cards and other financial products.

Starting today, consumer complaints about credit cards will be collected by a single government agency — rather than a hodgepodge of regulators that existed before.

Help us kick the tires on this new complaint system. If you have filed a complaint, let us know how it went. Was the form easy to understand? Did you experience any technical difficulties on the website?

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Massachusetts Senate upset may have ripple effects on financial reform

Connie Prater

Could Republican Scott Brown’s election to fill Ted Kennedy’s Democratic U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts derail pending Wall Street financial reforms? Although much of the attention about Brown’s election has focused on the fate of the health care bill, there’s…
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